This site is a source of technical information about ABBYY technologies and toolkits for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and advanced language technologies.

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Real-Time Recognition SDK icon Real-Time Recognition SDK 1 - Release 1 available (14.11.2016)
This is the first release of ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK 1. Key features and benefits:

FlexiCapture Engine icon FlexiCapture Engine 11 - Release 3 available (31.10.2016)
This is a maintenance release containing new features and improvements:

  • Asynchronous scanning
  • Ability to export files into memory stream
  • Information about unreleased objects
  • ... more detailsDownload (Login needed)

OCR SDK icon FineReader Engine 11 for Windows - Release 8 available (03.10.2016)
This is a maintenance release containing a lot of new features and improvements:

  • Orientation and skew correction on text injection.
  • Ability to detect text layer in PDFs imported from memory stream.
  • Faster printing of PDF using MRC.
  • ... more detailsDownload (Login needed)

CLI OCR Linux icon FineReader Engine 11 CLI for Linux - Release 6 available (12.09.2016)

  • Some highlights of new features and improvements:
    • Faster document processing
    • Higher recognition accuracy
    • More accurate and faster barcode reading
  • Technical Comparison: OCR Integration CLI vs. SDK
  • More details on the latest release, documentation, trial, pricing are available on ...

Mobile OCR SDK icon Mobile OCR Engine 4.0 - Release 15 available (20.07.2016)

  • Upgrade of libpng version according to Google Play Policy requirements.
  • Bug fixes.
  • iOS: Download (Login needed)
  • Android: Download (Login needed)

Mobile Imaging SDK Icon Mobile Imaging SDK 1 - Release 4 Update available (08.07.2016)

FineReader Engine icon Receipt Capture SDK 1 - Release 1 available (21.06.2016)
This is the first release of ABBYY Receipt Capture SDK 1. Key features and benefits:

  • Easy-to-integrate SDK automatically extracting data from receipts.
  • For providers of Customer Loyalty Management software and services.
  • Extraction of basic fields, extended fields and line items.
  • Pre-trainied for 100+ USA top retail chains, can be easily trained via API.

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