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Smart Classifier InfoExtractor Compreno 2.6 Release 2 available (04.01.2017)
This is new release of ABBYY's Compreno platform is a service release with bugfixes and documentation updates:

ABBYY Smart Classifier Webinar

WEBINAR: Take your document classification to the next level with ABBYY Smart Classifier (21.12.2016)

  • When: Thursday, 19 January 2017
  • Duration: ca. 45 minutes
  • Target Audience: This webinar is intended for a technical audience, such as developers, product & project managers who need to classify unstructured content/documents.
  • Topics:
    • Architecture of Smart Classifier
    • High quality classification through a unique combination of machine learning and linguistics
    • Demo: Classification model creation and quality evaluation
    • APIs overview for production and model setup/management

Real-Time Recognition SDK icon Real-Time Recognition SDK 1 - Release 1 available (14.11.2016)
This is the first release of ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK 1. Key features and benefits:

Smart Classifier InfoExtractor Compreno 2.6 Release 1 available (07.11.2016)
This is new release of ABBYY's Compreno platform comes with new features and core technology improvements:

  • Smart Classifier 2.6
    • Classification performance enhancements
    • Creation and management of classification projects via REST API
    • Batch mode (Smart Classifier & InfoExtractor)
  • InfoExtractor 2.6

FlexiCapture Engine icon FlexiCapture Engine 11 - Release 3 available (31.10.2016)
This is a maintenance release containing new features and improvements:

  • Asynchronous scanning
  • Ability to export files into memory stream
  • Information about unreleased objects
  • ... more detailsDownload (Login needed)

OCR SDK icon FineReader Engine 11 for Windows - Release 8 available (03.10.2016)
This is a maintenance release containing a lot of new features and improvements:

  • Orientation and skew correction on text injection.
  • Ability to detect text layer in PDFs imported from memory stream.
  • Faster printing of PDF using MRC.
  • ... more detailsDownload (Login needed)

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  • Information extraction technology based on natural language processing (NLP)
  • InfoExtractor SDK reveals entities, events and relations across them
  • Based on ABBYY's Compreno syntactic & semantic analysis platform