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This site is a source of technical information about ABBYY technologies and toolkits for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and advanced language technologies. The content is intended for:

  • Developers who
    • plan to integrate text recognition, classification and intelligent data extraction in their applications and systems
    • want to enhance their Search, ECM, Data Management or eMail Management solutions with language technologies
    • are evaluating and testing a specific ABBYY SDK for the first time
  • Existing ABBYY SDK developers who
    • need the latest release
    • plan to upgrade or add new features
    • are interested in exploring further technologies from ABBYY
  • Technical audiences who are interested in advanced technologies that allow to: Action Information

Latest News & Info


Mobile Imaging SDK Icon

  • Mobile Imaging SDK 1 - Release 4 available (23.11.2015)

OCR SDK icon

  • FineReader Engine 11 - Release 6 available (19.10.2015)
    • This is a maintenance release containing a lot of new features and improvements:

Mobile OCR SDK icon

  • Mobile OCR Engine 4.0 - Release 14 available (22.09.2015)
    • This maintenance release supports iOS 9 and contains bug fixes.
    • iOS: Download (Login needed)
    • Android: Download (Login needed)

FlexiCapture Engine icon

  • New Version: FlexiCapture Engine 11 available! (12.08.2015)
    The new Data Capture SDK now supports FlexiCapture 11 and FlexiLayout Studio 11 technology and is compatible with the core V11 recognition technologies.
    • New Features and Improvements:
      • Arabic OCR
      • PDF opening from memory
      • Enhancement of searchable PDF export
      • Back-up possibility for the network license server (network license redundancy)
      • WIBU-Systems dongle support
      • Business Card Recognition 1)
      • New Classification without FlexiLayouts 2)
      • Extended PDF Capabilities 3)

FlexiCapture Engine 11 logo

FineReader Engine 11 logo

New Technology / New Productline:
InfoExtractor 2.0 logo

  • ABBYY InfoExtractor is an information extraction technology based on natural language processing (NLP)
  • InfoExtractor SDK reveals entities, events and relations across unstructured texts
  • ABBYY InfoExtractor is based on ABBYY's Compreno syntactic & semantic analysis platform

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