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Latest Release

  • SmartClassifier 2.6 - Release 2 (2.6.1)
    • Release Date: 29 Dec 2016
    • Part#: 1329-2

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What's new in Version 2.6 (R2)?

This release is a service release and contains bugfixes and updates to the documentation.
A detailed list of bugfixes will be available from 16 January 2017.

New Features in Version 2.6 (R1)

Classification performance

  • “Best model” approach instead of “use semantic / text features” selection
    For an easier and faster creation of the classification model both types of features are always used to train the model.
  • Category assignment method
    In this classification scenario setting the user can specify what category will be assigned to the document if more than one was returned as candidate category.
    - Assign all candidate categories
    - Assign the candidate category with the highest confidence score
    - Assign a candidate category only if no other candidate categories were found.
  • Classification speed improvement
    Classification time is 3 times faster on average as compared to v2.5.


  • Limited access to classification projects
    Simple security scheme. Access restriction to satisfy security policy requirements.


  • Adjusted Installer
    The installer has been extended with a serial number dialog to detect which product has been licensed and will be installed (ASC, AIE, both).

Task Management

  • Task live time
    Task live time determines how long tasks will be kept on the server after the results have been received (time in days). Default live time is unlimited.
  • Appearance of Working Folder for user data keeping
    Working Folder is a folder which is used to store the preserved user data (user dictionaries), information about system configuration (user accounts, processing services set and their settings) or temporary files.


  • Batch Mode
    In batch mode several files (.zip) can be sent for classification in one batch.
  • REST API methods to manage classification project
    The new version provides methods to work with the models and projects via API, for example, create classification project, add training documents, train the model, redeploy it, etc.
  • Technology module installation via REST API method
    The Basic Compreno Technology Module extracts only basic entities and facts. To ensure a certain level of quality of extracted information, you will need to obtain a customized Compreno Technology Module. Next to using the ABBYY Compreno Admin Console, custom technology modules can now be installed via REST API methods.
  • Password setting supported for encrypted PDF files processing
    Security assurance for (confidential) PDF files to prevent unauthorized reading, copying, printing or any other form of processing of PDF files.
  • Online help for REST API
    Errors include link to the description in the web help for quick reference.


  • Separate documentation for ASC and AIE
    Documentation (Integration Guide, Deployment Guide, User Guide) now available for each Compreno product separately (ASC, AIE) or as combined documents if both products are installed together.

Previous Versions and Releases

Version 2.6 Release 1

Smart Classifier 2.6 - Release 1

  • Release Date: 07 Nov 2016
  • Part#: 1329-1
  • Changes in Release 1: For new features introduced in Version 2.6 Release 1 please refer to the section above.

Version 2.5 Release 3

SmartClassifier 2.5 - Release 3

  • Release Date: 09.06.2016
  • Part#: 1319/4
  • Changes in Release 3
    • Documentation update
    • Minor bug fixes
    • Recognition Server Proxy component was removed

Version 2.5 Release 2

Smart Classifier 2.5 - Release 2

  • Release Date: 29.12.2015
  • Part#: 1319/2
  • Notes
    • 1st public release of SmartClassifier 2.5


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