Real-Time Recognition SDK

General Information

Real-Time Recognition SDK is a software development kit (SDK) for developers of mobile apps. The SDK allows capturing text by simply pointing the smartphone's camera at areas containing text - certain parts of business documents, text on street signs, IBAN number on invoices or offering in restaurant menus. The extracted information can be then used or translated.

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This 'live text capture' allows building mobile apps that capture text from the surrounding environment - without directly photographing it. This allows for a convenient, fast and modern way of information capture that is suitable even with the highest security requirements.

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Key Features

  • Immediate text recognition
  • Recognition of text in real environment
  • Support of 63 recognition languages
  • Text translation
  • Instant recognition directly on the user's device
  • Code samples for text capture
  • iOS and Android support

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Visit our webinar to learn about the ABBYY real-time recognition technology and the exciting possibilities it offers for your mobile apps.

WEBINAR: ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK

WEBINAR: Real-Time Recognition – Data Input to Mobile Apps made Fast and Easy

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Real-Time Recognition SDK is available in two licensing options:

  • Extended Licence:
    For enterprises and developers of professional mobile apps. This Extended License can be purchased by ABBYY and customers will receive professional technical support.
  • Free of Charge Licence:
    For start-ups, developers building 'proof-of-concept' projects and testing. Limited functionality. For more information, please check >

Which licence is right for you? Please see the licence comparison >

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  • To use the Free of Charge Licence , please download it here >. The functionality and the scope of usage are limited. Please pay attention to the terms of use >