Real-Time Recognition SDK

General Information

Real-Time Recognition SDK is being discontinued and replaced by ABBYY Mobile Capture which provides you with a more flexible and robust capture solution for your mobile applications. Click here to learn more about Mobile Capture.

Real-Time Recognition SDK is a software development kit (SDK) for developers of mobile apps. The SDK allows capturing text by simply pointing the smartphone's camera at areas containing text - certain parts of business documents, text on street signs, IBAN number on invoices or offering in restaurant menus. The extracted information can be then used or translated.

This 'live text capture' allows building mobile apps that capture text from the surrounding environment - without directly photographing it. This allows for a convenient, fast and modern way of information capture that is suitable even with the highest security requirements.

Please watch our short video and get inspired!

Key Features

  • Immediate text recognition
  • Recognition of text in real environment
  • Support of 63 recognition languages
  • Text translation
  • Instant recognition directly on the user's device
  • Code samples for text capture
  • iOS and Android support

See the detailed description of individual features >

Use Cases

  • Customer Registration and Onboarding
  • Mobile Payment
  • Machine Vision
  • Translation On the Go
  • Text to Speech
  • Customer Self-Service
  • Reading labels on packaging
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