Real-Time OCR: Key Features

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  • Immediate text recognition
    Thanks to Real-Time Recognition SDK, developers can create mobile apps with the capability to capture text directly on a smartphone's camera preview screen. As it will be immediately recognized, there is no need to photograph the text area.
  • Recognition of text in real-world scenes
    Real-Time Recognition SDK can find the text of any colour on any background, for example road signs, restaurant menus or in industrial testing environments, and extract it with a high accuracy.
  • Support of 63 recognition languages
    Real-Time Recognition SDK allows to recognize text in up to 63 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and several languages written in Cyrillic characters.
  • Text translation
    The extracted text can be translated instantly on the smartphone's camera preview screen. The new SDK provides built-in translation dictionaries for the main European languages, as well Chinese and Japaneese.
  • Instant recognition directly on the user's device
    The processing is performed directly on the mobile device. The mobile application with Real-Time Recognition technology does not need any internet connection.
  • Code Samples for text capture
    The distributive includes code samples that allow to develop text capturing mobile apps faster.
  • iOS and Android support
    Real-Time Recognition SDK is available for iOS and Android platforms.

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