Impress Corporate Clients with Your Mobile App

With the features for IBAN recognition, MRZ capture, ID capture and support for regular expressions, you can create mobile apps for a broad variety of usage scenarios especially for corporate customers.

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Capture any data

  • Support for regular expression: By applying regular expressions as a field identifier, your mobile app can automatically detect and capture promo codes on retail articles, codes, identification numbers, tracking codes, zip codes, MAC addresses, e-mail addresses, and many more.

Easily collect & validate ID data

  • MRZ capture and ID Capture: Onboarding of new clients or validation of personal data can be done by pointing the smartphone camera at machine-readable zones (MRZ) in ID documents and capturing them. If more data is needed, ready-to-use methods for ID capture can instantly transmit personal data from passports, national ID cards or driving licences*.

Conveniently insert data for mobile payment

  • IBAN capture: By pointing the smartphone camera at a payment document, the IBAN* will be automatically captured and inserted into the right field of the payment app. By placing a credit or payment card into the focus, users of the mobile shopping app can capture and insert the card number into the corresponding field.

For you - to make your work easier

  • Updated code sample for landscape support: Among other code samples, we offer an updated code samples for landscape support - a useful feature when capturing longer codes.
  • Plug-in for Cordova: With the open-source Cordova plug-in* for the ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK, developers can use the popular framework for cross-platform development.


* Note:
To see ID documents supported, please visit this page >.
The SDK supports IBAN capture for Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.
You can download the Cordova plug-in here >

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