ABBYY Mobile Web Capture

General Information

ABBYY Mobile Web Capture

Mobile Web Capture SDK is an easy to integrate web-based mobile data capture solution providing a streamlined user-friendly onboarding experience by simply hovering the mobile device and capturing an image in real-time within a mobile web-based environment.

Latest Release

  • ABBYY Mobile Web Capture - Release R1 (24.07.2020)
    • Part #: 1384/14
    • Build #: 1.10.0

More info and download of the latest release:

Key Features

  • Point & capture: Automatic capture of the document using a web browser of the mobile device without the need to physically snap a picture.
  • Automatic document detection enhancements: Mobile Web Capture SDK automatically detects the document boundaries and the ideal time to capture an image best suitable for OCR. This release includes an increased document boundary detection accuracy and the ability to capture documents on low contrast background
  • Built-in image pre-processing: the image quality is optimized by automatically detecting boundaries, cropping the document, correcting its perspective and controlling exposure.
  • UI and image capture for tablets: Automatically capture images using a mobile web-based browser using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Complete seamless onboarding process: Easily integrate Mobile Web Capture with ABBYY real-time processing backend FlexiCapture Cloud. Codes samples available for easy integration.

For more detailed information on ABBYY Mobile Web Capture and its use cases please visit

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