Mobile OCR Engine Trial (Tech Details)

About Mobile OCR Engine Trial

  • ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine Trial allows to evaluate all feature set of the library
  • To test ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine on mobile platforms you will need to write a special code for Android and/or iOS platform. To simplify this task ABBYY provides Code Samples which demonstrate the main feature set
  • A trial version has a time limited license

Distribution Kit

ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine is provided as a static library for Android/iOS with additional wrapper for corresponding platform. The distribution kit contains the following folders:

  • data
    • This folder contains resources which are necessary for text recognition and should be distributed with your application.
    • You do not have to distribute all files from this folder. The necessary set depends on the functionality and recognition languages you would like to use in the application. The MobileOCR_Distribution.csv file will help you to create a list of files required for your application. The MobileOCR_Distribution.csv file is located in the Help folder
  • DemoImage
    • The folder contains a set of images which you can use to test the functionality of ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine
  • Help
    • This folder contains the product documentation, namely, the Help file (which is provided in the CHM, PDF and HTM formats) and the MobileOCR_Distribution.csv file.
    • The Help file contains the information about the library:
      • API references
      • Articles providing a step-by-step “how to…” which describe the work with the library (Guided Tour»How to use the Native/Android/iOS library).
      • Article describing all files from the distribution kit and focusing on the files to be distributed with the final application
    • The MobileOCR_Distribution.csv file describes all files of the distribution kit and can be used to automatically create a list of files required for your application
  • inc
    • This folder contains the ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine API declaration file MobileOCR.h
  • lib
    • The folder contains the files of the library.
    • Before starting development you need to decide if your application is going to use the native library or the wrapper.
    • Working directly with the native library may be preferred in the situation when you need to minimize the size of the final installation. In this case, your code will be written in C++, and the distribution pack of your application will use the files in the subfolders tagged with Native.
    • In case you would like to use wrapper, work with files from the other subfolders.
  • Samples
    • The folder contains sample code illustrating the usage of ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine library.
    • Sample code is provided for both native library and wrapper.

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