Mobile OCR Engine Test Shell

What is the Test Shell

ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine includes a precompiled test shell for Windows. This application allows an easy evaluation of the feature set.
There is direct access to the following calls:

  • Image Pre-processing / Binarisation
  • Find all (text) lines
  • Recognise active blocks
  • Recognise all blocks
  • Find and recognise all lines
  • Recognize business cards
  • Generate word suggestion
  • Select different recognition languages

Test Shell Download

Mobile OCR Engine 4.0 Test Shell for Windows (ca. 120.7 MB) last Update 20.07.2016

  • Download and extract the archive.
  • The content should look like this:

  • To start the shell, just double click on Start ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine Demo Tool.cmd
  • There are also some demo images and code samples in the Test Shell distributive
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