Mobile OCR Engine for iOS

  • ABBYY offers its compact OCR Engine for iOS
  • A full featured Mobile OCR Engine (SDK) trial is available
  • The SDK contains a XCode sample that shows how to work with the SDK
  • Barcode Recognition is included!

Why use OCR with iOS Apps?

  • Apples iTunes platform is (still) setting standards for mobile Apps
    • User acceptance
    • Number of downloads
    • Generated revenue
  • Existing Applications can be extended with OCR
  • OCR is a new way to bring information in/on the phone

Note: If you would like to use OCR within you App, but not prefer to implement a full OCR Engine, you should also check out Cloud OCR SDK :!:

What iPhone is good enough for OCR usage?

  • The camera of the iPhone 3G has only a fix focus lens and ins not suited for most of the camera OCR scenarios.
  • From the iPhone 3Gs on, Apple used a camera with auto-focus. Combined with the 3 mega-pixel it is capable to be used in capturing text snippets and business cards.
  • The new iPhone 4 camera with 5 mega-pixel will result in better images and better OCR results.
  • Every other iPhone generation also brought improvements to the camera.

Technology Releases

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