Mobile OCR Engine 4.0 Linux x86

General Information

  • Mobile Linux MeeGo/Moblin for Intel Atom processors (x86)
    • Important auto-orientation is currently not supported,
      Not all Business Card Reading features are implemented
    • Mobile OCR Engine on this platform is still in “pre-release phase
    • Please contact ABBYY if you would need Mobile OCR Engine for MeeGo on x86
  • MeeGo support for ARM has to be tested with the Android version of the Mobile OCR Engine.
  • UC Linux (on request)

MSDK 4 Linux Download Latest

System Requirements

  • The ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine library is supplied as a static library for Linux, Android and iPhone.
  • Memory Requirements
    • OCR of Latin and Cyrillic characters:
      • 8 MB ROM,
      • 10 MB RAM
    • Chinese and Japanese OCR:
      • 14 MB ROM,
      • 22 MB RAM
    • Korean OCR:
      • 18 MB ROM,
      • 28 MB RAM
    • The auto detection of orientation increase RAM need up to 1MB.
    • Exact memory requirements vary depending on the operating system and specific recognition tasks (e.g. multilingual recognition requires more memory)
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