Mobile OCR Engine for Android

  • ABBYY offers its compact OCR Engine for Android
  • The latest Android smart phones have
    • good auto focus cameras and
    • more than 3 megapixel
    • so they are perfectly equipped to take sharp pictures of documents that contain textual information.
  • Implementing OCR on Android based applications can turn the phone in a information/text capture device. The data can be
    • processed directly on the phone, for example add a new contact to the address book
    • sent to a sever to get more information
    • sent to a text to speech engine
    • sent to a translation service
  • New in V4 R5: Java Native Interface Wrapper (JNIWrapper) is included!
  • New in V4 R7: Barcode Recognition is included!

Technology Releases

  • Version 4.0 (Released 03/2010)
  • Version 3.0 – (Released 02/2009)

Feature Comparisons

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