ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK II

General Information

Mobile Imaging SDK II is being discontinued and replaced by ABBYY Mobile Capture which provides you with a more flexible and robust capture solution for your mobile applications. Click here to learn more about Mobile Capture.

ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK II is a Software Development Kit which allows developers and software vendors to create efficient mobile applications that transform mobile devices into front-end document image capture solutions.

ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK II is available for iOS and Android.

Key Features and Benefits

Automatic photo capture

By hovering the smartphone's camera over the document, the user of your app automatically captures the image, which is best suitable for the subsequent OCR process. This way, the user saves time for selecting the suitable image on the smartphone. During the later OCR processing, high-quality document images require less manual data verification.

Document edges detection

When pointing the smartphone on the document, this feature allows to automatically find the boundaries of the document in a video stream, crops the image and automatically corrects its perspective. This as well works for static photos.

Image quality evaluation - technical preview

The image verification feature checks whether an image contains common defects (glare, blur) and estimates recognition accuracy levels for the image, enabling the end user to verify the quality of the image at the time of capture.

Image Export

The export functionality provides you with the flexibility to choose between different document image export formats for a subsequent back-end processing (image-only PDF, JPEG, JPEG2000, and PNG). In addition, it allows setting different compression levels for optimizing the file size and transfer time.

Advanced API

The API supports all common programming languages used for mobile application development and offers high-level methods for document image capturing to save you development time.

Use Cases

Capturing documents anywhere

When collecting data, companies often rely on their field teams and customers to submit documents for back-end processing. Users can take images of the required documents, which can then be sent to back-end servers for document recognition, verification and successive uploading into CRM, ERP or ECM systems.

Adding value to various industries and processes

Mobile document input can help organizations such as healthcare providers, banking and insurance institutions, governmental organizations, social service providers, and other enterprises that plan to optimize customer on-boarding processes or introduce self-service data capture.

Combining data capture with back-end solutions

ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK II is an ideal technology for solutions combining cloud-based or on-premise back-end systems with a mobile app as a mobile channel input for feeding documents and data into their systems. In combination with ABBYY’s OCR and data capture products, such as ABBYY FlexiCapture, FlexiCapture Engine as well as ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK, the mobile image enhancement technology helps organizations to effectively use mobile devices as a reliable way of document and data input.

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