ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK II - Download Overview

Latest Release Information

  • ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK II - Release 1 (24.07.2018)
    • This is the first release of ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK II.

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Key Features and Benefits

Automatic photo capture

By hovering the smartphone's camera over the document, the user of your app automatically captures the image, which is best suitable for the subsequent OCR process. This way, the user saves time for selecting the suitable image on the smartphone. During the later OCR processing, high-quality document images require less manual data verification.

Document edges detection

When pointing the smartphone on the document, this feature allows to automatically find the boundaries of the document in a video stream, crops the image and automatically corrects its perspective. This as well works for static photos.

Image quality evaluation - technical preview

The image verification feature checks whether an image contains common defects (glare, blur) and estimates recognition accuracy levels for the image, enabling the end user to verify the quality of the image at the time of capture.

Image Export

The export functionality provides you with the flexibility to choose between different document image export formats for a subsequent back-end processing (image-only PDF, JPEG, JPEG2000, and PNG). In addition, it allows setting different compression levels for optimizing the file size and transfer time.

Advanced API

The API supports all common programming languages used for mobile application development and offers high-level methods for document image capturing to save you development time.

Code Samples

The ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK II distribution package includes a code sample that shows API usage and provides an example on how to automatically capture an image from the smartphone video preview frames.

The code samples are located in the root folder of the particular distribution package:

  • Mobile Imaging SDK II for Android:

The sample is provided in Java.

  • Mobile Imaging SDK II for iOS:

The sample is provided in Objective-C and Swift programming languages.

Product Documentation

  • Mobile Imaging SDK II for Android: Developer's Guide (PDF). The distributive additionally contains the documentation in javadoc format.
  • Mobile Imaging SDK II for iOS: Developer's Guide (PDF)
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