Engine 9.x Win Download Overview

Current release Info

  • FineReader Engine 9.5 (Release 2)
    • Release Date: 16.7.2013
    • Updated version of the OCR technology, no new features
    • Download password changed
  • FineReader Engine 9.0 M10 (Release 11)
    • Release Date: 19.02.2013
    • Fully tested on Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Engine 9 Win Download Latest

Previous Releases

FineReader Engine 9 M9

ABBYY published the Maintenance Release 9 of FineReader Engine 9 (Part# 561/44, Build on 9. August 2011.

FineReader Engine 9 M8

ABBYY published the Maintenance Release 8 of FineReader Engine 9 (Part# 561/40, Build on 2. February 2011.

What is new:

  • Starting from this release there is an ability to get binary data encoded in a barcode as a hexadecimal text (string)

FineReader Engine 9 M7

ABBYY published the Maintenance Release 7 of FineReader Engine 9 (Part# 561/36, Build on 27. October 2010.

What is new:

  • New properties in IPDFExportParams
  • SourceImagePath property in IFRPage
  • Possibility to edit dictionary extensions

FineReader Engine 9 M6

ABBYY published the Maintenance Release 6 of FineReader Engine 9 (Part# 561/32, Build on 10. June 2010.

What is new:

  • IImageViewerEvents – Added new events
  • ITextValidator::AddedWords – New property

FineReader Engine 9 M5

ABBYY published the Maintenance Release 6 of FineReader Engine 9 (Part# 561/32, Build on 24. February 2010.

What is new:

  • IImageViewer::IBlocksColorScheme redefines color scheme in ImageViewer
  • TIFF LZW 1-bit palette images support
  • IEngine::MergePatterns merges user patern files into one
  • PDF version 1.7 export support
  • ICharParams::IsStartStopSymbol marks start and stop symbols of recognized barcode value
  • XLSXPaperSizeEnum is expanded according to XLSX standard
  • FRDocument serialization to a folder

FineReader Engine 9 M4

ABBYY published the Maintenance Release 4 of FineReader Engine 9 (Part# 561/24, Build on 22. September 2009.

What is new:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 support
  • DataMatrix barcode recognition support
  • QR Code barcode recognition support
  • Vertical 1D barcodes recognition improvements
  • SamplesConfig template addition
  • “Characters per second” license limitation option
  • Latvian Gothic language support improvement
  • ICharParams::SelectedCharaterRecognitionVariant property
  • New Dongle Updater: There is also a new Dongle Update Tool for M4.

FineReader Engine 9.0 M3

New Features (06.05.2009)

  • Vietnamese OCR available as a new OCR language Add-On
  • Hangul (lightened Korean) OCR (part of CJK Add-On)
  • New Document Synthesis parameters
  • PDF export: new default codec for B&W images – CCITT3
  • PDF export: new algorithm for resizing B&W images
  • New properties were added for tuning export in XLSX file format
  • New properties were added for tuning export in PPTX file format
  • New Adobe PDF Library that fixes bugs in rasterizing of PDF pages
  • Ability to interrupt multi-page scanning

FineReader Engine 9.0 M2

New Features in FineReader Engine 9.0 M2 (16.02.2009)

  • Improved speed for CJ OCR
    • Chinese: +10 (Simplified) & +20% (Traditional)
    • Japanese: +50%
  • Improved speed & quality for Korean
    • Speed: +50%
    • Quality: +30%
  • Optimisations & Fixes
    • Speed improvements in scenarios where de-skewing isn’t needed
    • Improved overall Engine stability in multiprocessing scenarios
    • Glued Characters in special PDF TextOnly scenarios fixed
    • MRC Export Sample updated

FineReader Engine 9.0 M1

New Features (05.01.2009)

  • Improved PDF MRC
  • License updating via the License Manger
  • Virtual machine detection and support with hardware dongles
  • Aztec autolocation
  • Data Capture data types
  • Latvian Gothic OCR
  • New CorrectSkew method of ImageDocument
  • ImageDocument in memory
  • Pre-compiled samples, ready to run
  • New samples to demonstrate multi-processing and PDF MRC features

FineReader Engine 9.0

What is new

  • Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT)
  • Multi-Page Processing through new Document specific API
  • Multi CPU / Multi Core Recognition Architecture
  • New 2D barcode types Aztec, DataMatrix * & QR Code*
  • New Image pre-processing capabilities
  • Visual Components
    • Scan Interface
    • Document Viewer
    • Image Viewer
    • Text Editor
    • Text Validator
  • Improved Asian Language OCR Support
  • New Export Formats:
    • XML-based Office 2007 Formats
    • MRC (Mixed Raster Content) Compression for PDF and PDF/A
  • New and Extended Licensing Options
    • Extended CPU Core Support
    • CPU core based licences

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