FineReader Engine 8.x Win

General Information

Engine 8.x Win Download Overview

End of Life Statement

  • Support and Sales of FineReader Engine 8.x ended in September 2012
  • The SDK based on Version 8.0 technologies was published 2005 - the last maintenance release was published 2008 for Vista compatibility (and the Microsoft mainstream support for Vista ended 02/2012)
  • If the licences are under maintenance, please switch to the latest version of FineReader Engine. Here a short overview what has been added and optimised in newer technology versions
  • ABBYY will not make any technical changes or provide technical support for this SDK to make it work when
    • Microsoft releases a (security) patch
    • or a new operating system, like Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012
  • Out of support & Sales means:
    • No further Runtime License sales
    • No reactivation
    • No technical support
  • If you still have an installed base of your software out in the market (without maintenance) and you want/have to upgrade to a newer ABBYY SDK Version, please contact ABBYY
  • * Maintenance also allows upgrade to the latest SDK version
    It is a 20% yearly fee on the list price of a license.