FineReader Engine 6.x Win

General Information

Technology V6

Latest release

FineReader Engine 6.0 Latest Release

  • Release Date: 23.11.2007
  • Part#: 267/33
  • Build:
  • Features and Changes:
    • Added support of the following operating systems:
      • Windows Vista,
      • Windows Vista x64,
      • Windows Server 2003 x64,
      • Windows XP x64.
    • Samples and Inc folders are installed in “..\Users\Public\ABBYY\FineReader Engine\6.02\” folder on Windows Vista. It solves the problem of accessing the samples on Vista under not privileged account

FineReader Engine 6 Download are no longer provided, because the product line is out of support and sales.

End of Life Statement

  • FineReader Engine 6.0 is out of support and sales!
  • The version was released 2002
  • The last maintenance release was published 2007
  • With the launch of Version 9 October 2008 the Release is out of support, this means
    • No license sales
    • No reactivation
    • No technical support
  • If the licenses are under maintenance, please switch to the latest version of FineReader Engine.
  • Microsoft stopped supporting all operating systems that were officially supported by Version 6.
  • ABBYY will not make any technical changes or not provide technical support for this SDK Version.
  • If you still have a installed base of your software in the market and you want/have to upgrade to a newer SDK Version, please contact ABBYY