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Frequently Asked Questions

New V11 Customers

  • If you purchase ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for the first time, then you will receive a complete product box with set of dongles. If there is an need to change or update you license you can do this directly via the FineReader Engine 11 License Manager

Customers with older FineReader Engine Licenses

  • When you are an ABBYY customer and have the SDK under Software Maintenance, then you already have a set of FineReader Engine 10 Development licenses and dongles.
  • ABBYY EU will not ship maintenance upgrades in separate boxes, instead you will receive a new serial numbers.
  • The Dongle-Update-Tool as it was needed for previous SDKs (e.g. Engine 10 DongleUpdater in not required any longer.

How it works

Initial one time installation

  • The extracted FineReader Engine 11 distribution folder/DVD content.
    Open the “License Server” folder in the FineReader Engine 11 distributive

  • Start the installation

  • Run through the installer – select “local communication” - only then you can write a serial number in the Dongle

Write the Dongle

  • Start the installed License Manager - there should be a entry in the Start/Program menue

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