Engine 10 DongleUpdater

  • When you are an ABBYY customer and have the SDK under Software Maintenance, then you already have a set of FineReader Engine 9.0 Development licences and dongles.
  • ABBYY EU will not ship maintenance upgrades in separate boxes, instead you will receive a new serial numbers.
  • The Dongle-Update-Tool allows you to add the Version 10 Development licences to the V9 Dongles.
  • Note for new SDK Customers:
    If you purchase ABBYY FineReader Engine 10 for the first time, then you will receive a complete product box with set of dongles. The dongle updater is then only needed if you license has to be changed or upgraded.

DongleUpdater - How to use it

  • Download the ZIP file
  • Extract the archive

Start the Dongle Updater

  • Plug your existing (FineReader Engine 9.0) dongle to an USB port of your machine
  • Start the ABBYY.DongleUpdate.exe

Enter you Engine 10 Serial Number for Dongles

  • Enter one of the new V10 Serial numbers you revived from ABBYY Europe via email

  • Note: Every license key can only be written to a dongle once. :-)

Activate the Serial Number

  • Make sure that the machine has internet access
  • Select Activation via the Internet
  • Follow the assistant

Check the Result

Log File

  • The log is only needed when errors during the license update would occur

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