FineReader Engine

General Information

  • ABBYY FineReader Engine is the Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate multilingual text recognition and conversion technologies into external applications.
  • The SDK allows to convert PDFs and images into a large variety of other digital formats, so that the information is accessible for humans and IT systems.
  • The toolkit allows to read & recognize a large variety of different sources:
    • documents with machine-printed text with OCR
    • forms filled with hand with ICR
    • check marks on reports with OMR
    • a large variety of barcodes
  • Code Samples guide you to build your own highly accurate, scalable, efficient recognition and conversion system supporting over 200 languages

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Who uses FineReader Engine

ABBYY SDKs are used and integrated by

  • Software Houses to add OCR and paper document conversion to their custom applications
  • Software Developers who need full control over document processing settings and recognition results
  • Integrators who have to realize complex projects where it is needed to provide information access to images or PDFs
  • Scan Service Providers (BPO) to add OCR in their processing systems so they can provide the best conversion results for their users and customers.
  • Enterprises that have the need to build in-house systems to convert pixel based information into “real” text, e.g. for quality and security systems


  • If you have questions or want to test ABBYY FineReader Engine, please get in contact with ABBYY. We are happy to answer your open topics and to support you to realize projects.
  • Please use this form on and select the proper region - only then the responsible ABBYY office can contact you. ;-)
    Request a FineReader Engine Trial

Please review Quick Start Guide for ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for basic steps of your trial.

Version & Technology Archive

FineReader Engine is available for different operating systems and

Latest Version: V12

New in V12 Windows Linux OS X

ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 was released for Windows in May 2018 and received several updates since then. The SDK offers a variety of new built-in features and improvements. Highlights of the new key features include:

  • Office formats as input
  • MRZ extraction
  • AI-powered classification
  • Compare Documents Module
  • Deployment in the Cloud
  • New & improved OCR languages
  • Improved layout reconstruction
  • Additional 1D barcode types
  • New export formats

More Details: New Features in V12

Technically, the core recognition technology is the same on all operating systems, but there are some differences:


Further Information

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