FineReader Engine 8.x Mac

Current release Info

  • FineReader Engine 8.5 Mac - Release 1
    • This is a maintenance release containing an updated version of the OCR technology.
    • Release Date: 16.7.2013
    • Download password changed
    • Mac OS Universal Binary (UB)
  • FineReader Engine 8.0 Mac Maintenance Release 1
    • Release Date: 19.11.2008

Fine Reader Engine 8.x for Mac Download Latest

FineReader Engine 8.x for Mac Downloads are no longer provided, because the product line is out of support and sales.

End of Life Statement

  • Version 8.0 was published in May 2008 – Support and Sales of FineReader Engine 8.x Mac OS ended in May 2014 after 6 years.
  • If you still have an installed base of your software out in the market (without maintenance) and you want/have to upgrade to a newer ABBYY SDK Version, please contact ABBYY
  • * Maintenance also allows upgrade to the latest SDK version
    It is a 20% yearly fee on the list price of a license.
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