FineReader Engine 6.0 Linux

  • First Release of FineReader Engine for Linux was published: September 2003

End of Life Statement

  • FineReader Engine 6.0 for Linux is out of support and sales!
  • The SDK version 6.0 was released 2003
    • The last maintenance release was published June 2005
    • This version is not compatible with the latest Linux compilers
  • The successor version FineReader Engine 8.0 for Linux (EPS) was released in 2006.
  • With the launch of Version 9 April 2010 the Version 6.0 is out of support, this means
    • No license sales
    • No reactivation
    • No technical support
  • If the licenses are under maintenance, please switch to the latest version of FineReader Engine for Linux.
  • ABBYY will not make any technical changes or not provide technical support for this SDK Version.
  • If you still have a installed base of your software in the market and you want/have to upgrade to a newer SDK Version, please contact ABBYY
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