FineReader Engine 11 Linux

General Information

  • FineReader Engine 11 Linux - Release 8 available (21.03.2017)
    • In this release, in addition to bug fixes, new features and improvements are:
      • Ability to remove garbage from color images
      • Ability to inject a text layer into selected pages of a PDF document
      • Extended method of injecting text into PDF
      • Extension of method for detecting text layer in PDFs
      • Ability to rasterize FreeText annotations
      • Export for multi-page PDFs documents with an undefined number of pages
      • Ability to adjust a time zone for PDF export
      • [Technical preview] Faster PDF printing when using MRC compression
      • Improved readability of exported XML data for users
      • Ability to exclude BOM during export to TXT
      • Simultaneous usage of network and standalone licences within one installation
      • Updated documentation for working with screenshots

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General information on the business models can be found here: ABBYY SDK Pricing and SDK Licensing Policy.

FineReader Engine as a Daemon

FineReader Engine for Linux contains a code sample to use ABBYY OCR as an OCR Service on one machine. Learn more about the "OCR as a daemon" sample


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