FineReader Engine for Linux

General Information

  • Linux is a serious, flexible, secure and stable OS.
  • ABBYY has long time experience with this OS offering Linux OCR SDKs since 2003.
  • ABBYY OCR on Linux is continuously developed and extended.

FineReader Engine Linux Releases

Technology & Product Releases

Operating Systems Technology Cycle Engine Version
Linux V6, V8, V9, V10 , V11 Engine 6.0, Engine 8.0, Engine 9.0,
Engine 10, Engine 11

FineReader Engine as a Daemon

FineReader Engine for Linux contains a code sample to use ABBYY OCR as an OCR Service on one machine. Learn more about the "OCR as a daemon" sample

Command line OCR for Linux

FineReader Engine Linux comes with a source code sample to compile a CLI application. To be able to test this code sample interested customers have to sign a Trial License Agreement to test the SDK.

To make it easier to test ABBYY OCR under Linux, ABBYY now officially provides a easy to install CLI application for Linux. If you are satisfied with the ease of use and integration and the CLI-API, then you are free to purchase a license without investiong in the SDK FineReader Engine for Linux.

Feature Comparisons

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