OCR and Data Capture SDKs - licensing options

FlexiCapture Engine, FineReader Engine
9.x, 10, 11
Business with ABBYY SDKs

ABBYY OCR and Data Capture SDK licensing is based on three licence types.

  • Trial Licences: a Trial Licence Agreement is required 1).
  • Developer Licences: needed for integrating ABBYY technologies within applications.
  • Runtime Licences: Licences have to be purchased for deploying your applications, needed for each project or installation.

Developer and Runtime Licence fees are based on one-time single payments at the time of licence purchase with no monthly fees. Additional service and support is available through Software Maintenance and Upgrade Assurance which is purchased and invoiced on an annual basis.

Developer Licences

  • Providing rights to develop and test applications based on ABBYY technology offered in the specific SDK.
  • The licence bundles can include
    • up to three standalone licences (a 10.000 pages per month)
    • one network development license (30.000 pages per month)

Runtime Licences

  • Grants the right to distribute own applications with ABBYY SDK functions incorporated.
  • Runtime Licences (RTL) differ by
    • functionality
    • pages processed per month/year
    • CPU cores supported
    • Standalone or Network Runtime Licences
  • The Professional Runtime Licence provides access to core recognition technologies (FRE only).
  • Additional RTLs oriented to specialised functions include the Barcode Runtime Licence and FineReader XIX Runtime Licence.

Add-on Modules for Runtime Licences

RTLs can be enhanced by adding one or more of the following functionalities offered as add-on modules, for example FineReader Engine 11 allows:

  • PDF export
  • CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) OCR
  • Thai OCR
  • Hebrew OCR
  • Vietnamese OCR
  • Arabic OCR
  • ICR

Software Maintenance and Upgrade Assurance (SMUA)

Secure your investment with ABBYY’s Maintenance and Upgrade programme. SMUA ensures access to the latest ABBYY technologies and offers basic technical support, software updates and software upgrades. Developers purchasing SMUA have access to maintenance releases (minor releases) of the current version, which can include improvements, bug fixes, updated documentation, etc. as well as access to new major product version changes.

1) signed on paper or via online form, dependent on regional processes
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