FlexiLayout Studio Overview

What is FlexiLayout Studio?

  • ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio is a development environment that allows to create formalized document descriptions and data extraction logic, so called FlexiLayouts.
  • When various types of documents have to be processed, it is needed to automate the process in an intelligent way.
  • FlexiLayout Studio is the tool to develop the logic/ “intelligent” document descriptions
    • to separate
    • to classify
    • to extract relevant information from the documents
  • FlexiLayout Studio is used by developers to create and test core classification and information extraction logic.
    Once the “instruction set” is ready and working, the FlexiLayout projects can be used in the production environments.

User Interface of FlexiLayout Studio

FlexiLayout Technology Principles

  • FlexiCapture Technology imitates the way humans recognize objects.
  • A person is looking for the special fields on the document in order to detect the required data.
  • Once the “anchor” element is founds the “surrounding” area is analyzed for “information pattern” that match.
  • The technology in FlexiLayouts uses the same approach.

FlexiLayout Processing

Once FlexiLayouts are tested and rolled out, they can be processed within the ABBYY FlexiCapture Data Capture platform, below a scheme that illustrates the usage with FlexiCapture Engine.

Video: How to work with FlexiLayout Studio

  • 30 minutes of a condensed technical introduction to FlexiLayout Studio.
  • You will see how the basic logic for invoice processing is set up.
  • FlexiLayout Studio is part of FlexiCapture.
  • Developers who will work with FlexiCapture Engine will get a copy of FlexiCapture Standalone and FlexiLayout Studio so that they can develop the flexible data extraction logic.
1) version not available in all regions
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