FlexiCapture Engine 9.x Download

Current release Info

  • FlexiCapture Engine 9.5 Release 1 available
    • Release Date: 11.12.2013
    • Part#: 896/15
    • Build:
  • FlexiCapture Engine 9.0 Release 3 available
    • Release Date: 04.11.2011
    • Part#: 896/10
    • Build:
  • New Features R3
    • Ability to add loaded images to the internal processing queue
    • Rewrite image resolution when opening the document
    • Export via script
    • New API for working with the batch types
    • Documentation Update
  • New Features R2
    • Visual Components - available with Source Code for customization
    • New & updated Code Samples
    • Protection: Windows Azure detection
    • Changed object exchange between FineReader and FlexiCapture Engines

Code Samples

Once you have downloaded and installed FlexiCapture Engine 9.0 you can access and all code samples via this page. Note: Almost all of the samples are also provided in a pre-compiled version, so that they can be started right away.

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