FlexiCapture Engine 12 - New Features Overview

Latest Release

FlexiCapture Engine 12 - Release 1 (19.10.2017)

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FlexiCapture Engine 12
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New Features & Improvements

  • New Generation of ABBYY OCR Technologies
    The ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 12 is based on the same technology as the application ABBYY FlexiCapture 12. The products are compatible. As both products are based on the same technologies (15th technologies), developers can get an access to FlexiCapture 12 features. In ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 12 Release 1, the new features of the application ABBYY FlexiCapture will only be available with the help of Document Definitions Editor or other FlexiCapture 12 entities (e.g. classifiers), which the developers can create in ABBYY FlexiCapture 12.
  • More flexible classification settings
    Using the new classification technology, customers can easily classify documents into different document types (e.g. driver license, bank statement, tax form, contract, invoice, etc.) and their variations. The new methods enable automated sorting of incoming documents and simplifiy the creation of FlexiLayouts.
    The ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 12 R1 brings new options in the classification logic. These options are identical to the current FlexiCapture 12 features and allow choosing from several classifiers:
    • Image
      This classifier provides fast and easy classification of documents which are optically different. By comparing the optical impression of the document to the pre-trained classifier, the classification time can be significantly reduced.
    • Text
      This classifier applies semantic and statistical analysis of the OCR results or text already contained in digitally born PDFs. It is extremely precise on documents with a high-quality text layer and documents with high-accuracy OCR results.
    • Text+Image (Fast)
      This method uses both classifiers. If the Image classifier provides high-confidence results, the document will be classified accordingly. If the confidence provided by the Image classifier is low, the Text classifier will be used. This intelligent combination of both methods allows to reach highly precise classification results while keeping high speed of the whole classification process and is recommended for mixed batches of documents with different level of text layer quality.
    • Text+Image (Thorough)
      This methods provides a maximum precission in classification results as it applies both classifiers and selects the results of the classifier with the highest confidence.
  • New PDF Export settings
    With this new release, FlexiCapture Engine 12 supports new export settings that allow developers to manage the balance between file size and quality of output files when needed. It is now possible to:
    • Select the PDF/A file type
    • Change the quality of the PDF file
    • Create tagged searchable PDFs
    • Enable “Fast Web View” by creating linearised PDFs that allow the reader to view the first page while the remaining pages are still being downloaded
    • Use MRC for non-searchable PDF to decrease the file’s size by keeping high visual quality

Improvements in the API

  • Opportunity to process PDF files using text layer only

The new ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine provides the possiblilty to detect if a PDF contains a text layer and use the information from the text layer without an additional OCR step. This way, digitally born PDFs can be processed faster.

New features and improvements in the application FlexiCapture 12

  • Working with repeating fields and groups
    The Document Definition Editor allows creating repeating fields and groups, and can be used for classification training or for manual filling. It is not anymore necessary ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio to create repeating groups which simplifies the creation process.
  • Using additional FlexiLayouts for a Document Definition
    One Document Definition can now work with multiple FlexiLayouts. Among these, one is a main FlexiLayout and the other are additional FlexiLayouts. The main FlexiLayout is responsible for document identification and defining the document borders. The additional FlexiLayouts will only be used if the main FlexiLayout is matched.

More details about individual features and the latest release distributive can be found on the download page.

Code Samples

  • Once you have downloaded and installed FlexiCapture Engine 12 you can find and start all pre-compiled code samples here: Code Sample Library
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