Specifications FlexiCapture Engine 12

Compatibility with FlexiCapture Engine 11

Upgrade from the previous version

  • Installing on the same machine
    ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 12 works next to any previous ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine major version installed on the same PC, as long as the software installation folders are different.
  • Compatibility of protection keys
    Licences issued for previous versions of ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine do not work with ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 12. To upgrade ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine to version 12, a new serial number is required.
  • Using source code of a previous version
    ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 12 is not binary-compatible with the previous versions of ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine. Applications should be recompiled using ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 12 headers and library. Some changes of the original source code may be necessary because of the improvements/changes in the ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine API. For more details on API changes please refer to the user guide section 'ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 12 and 11 Compatibility'
  • New default installation folders
    The ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 12 uses different installation folders than previous versions. For more details refer to the System requirements >>
  • Change in the licensing scheme
    In the previous versions, the 'Project ID' corresponded to the serial number for the Master Developer Licence. From version 12 on, the ‘Customer Project ID’ will be used instead. The ‘Customer Project ID’ has several new characteristics:
    • The ‘Customer Project ID’ is not a serial number – it is an individual ID, e.g. F3O1OV0CkT1PTXIa3dyp
    • Engine must be initialized using the 'Customer Project ID'
    • All serial numbers of one project are connected to the one unique ‘Customer Project ID’

For more details read the article Licensing - Customer Project ID

Compatibility with the application ABBYY FlexiCapture 12

  • Each individual release of ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 12 will only work with projects, which were created in a compatible release of the application ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 and earlier versions.
  • Please read the information next to the appropriate distributive on the download section to see compatibility details.

Further Information

  • Both the SDK ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine and the application ABBYY FlexiCapture use the Adobe PDF Library. In case the FlexiCapture Engine and the compatible FlexiCapture application use different versions of the Adobe PDF Library, the recognition results might differ.

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