What is new in FlexiCapture Engine 11

ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 11 is the newest version of ABBYY's Data Capture SDK, designed to power a new generation of business applications. Its new and enhanced features offer the fastest way for developers to integrate sophisticated data and document capture technologies into server, desktop, mobile and cloud solutions.

FlexiCapture Engine 11 consists of a set of 2 APIs: FlexiCapture Engine API and FineReader Engine API.

The key new features in FlexiCapture Engine 11 API

  • Synchronization with the newest technology of FlexiCapture 11
  • FlexiLayout technology improvements
  • New language support - Arabic OCR
    Various types of documents, e.g. contracts, letters, forms, with printed text in Arabic can now be processed.
  • Opening PDFs from memory
    PDF documents can be opened directly from memory without the need to save them on disc first. This new feature allows to comply with strict security standards as well as to increase the processing speed.
  • Improvements in exporting as searchable PDF
    The recognition quality of exported searchable PDFs can now be increased by using data that were verified by rules or an operator and inserting them in the final PDF.
  • Back-up possibility for the Network Licence Server
    A backup Network Licence Server allows a fault-tolerant document processing.
  • WIBU-Systems dongle support
    A new hardware protection for higher security and more flexibility has been introduced in this version of FlexiCapture Engine. The WIBU-Systems dongles can store many licences, even licences from different vendors.

New features available via FineReader Engine 11 API

Technically FlexiCapture Engine 11 can also contain the FineReader Engine 11 API. From a licensing point of view the add-on “full-text OCR API” has to be enabled.

    • Image and statistical text-based document classifier API

Important: If the FineReader Engine API is enabled by default is handled slightly different by the different ABBYY offices and dependent on the regional pricing policy.

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