FlexiCapture Engine 11 - New Features Overview

Latest Release

  • FlexiCapture Engine 11 - Release 3 Update 3
    • Release date: 19.04.2017
    • Part #: 1298/10
    • Build #:

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FlexiCapture Engine 11
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New Features & Improvements

  • Fixes, no new features in this updated release.

More details about individual features and the latest release distributive can be found on the download page.

Previous Releases

Release 3 Update 2

FlexiCapture Engine 11 - Release 3 Update 2

  • Release date: 01.02.2017
  • Part #: 1298/9
  • Build #:

New Features & Improvements

  • Fixes, no new features in this updated release.

Release 3

  • FlexiCapture Engine 11 - Release 3
    • Release date: 16.01.2017
    • Part #: 1298/8
    • Build #:
  • Support for asynchronous scanning
    With asynchronous scanning, the scanning and processing steps can be performed in parallel because the recognition of scanned pages can start before all pages are scanned. Thus, the use of asynchronous scanning increases the speed of document processing.
  • Ability to export files into memory stream
    The new method allows to export recognized documents to memory to be sent directly to a secured database or an external file storage. This function is of high benefit in high-secure business environments, such as banks or govermental institutions.
  • Information about unreleased objects
    New method for logging information about unreleased objects when working with the Engine object is useful for developers using programming languages without garbage collector and important in debugging scenarios.
  • Automatic uninstallation of FlexiCapture Engine runtime library
    It is possible to uninstall FlexiCapture Engine library in automatic mode from the command line using a new option. During the uninstallation, all necessary checks are automatically performed in order not to influence the functionality of other products.

Release 2

  • FlexiCapture Engine 11 - Release 2
    • Release date: 30.12.2015
    • Part #: 1298/3
    • Build #:
  • Windows 10 support
    This release officially supports Microsoft Windows 10.
  • Full JNI wrapper
    Now FlexiCapture Engine 11 includes the complete version of Java wrapper (supporting callback (event) and byte array) implementing full FCE 11 API. Callback allows to display progress while processing and supports IImageSouce Interface (an interface for a custom image source).
  • The distributive includes Sample folder as a ZIP archive
    It prevents installing error, caused by too long file (path) names of this subfolder.
  • Compatibility with FlexiCapture 11 R4
    ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 11 R2 works with projects created in ABBYY FlexiCapture 11 R4, build, or earlier.
    Projects saved in the ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 11 R2 can be used in ABBYY FlexiCapture 11 R4, build, or later.

Release 1

  • FlexiCapture Engine 11 - Release 1
    • This is the first publicly released version of FlexiCapture Engine 11
    • Release date: 18.06.2015
    • Part #: 1298/2
    • Build #:
  • New language support - Arabic OCR
    Various types of documents, e.g. contracts, letters, forms, with printed text in Arabic can now be processed.
  • Opening PDFs from memory
    PDF documents can be opened directly from memory without the need to save them on disc first. This new feature allows to comply to strict security standards as well as to increase the processing speed.
  • Improvements in exporting as searchable PDF
    The recognition quality of exported searchable PDFs can now be increased by using data that were verified by rules or an operator and inserting them in the final PDF.
  • Back-up possibility for the Network Licence Server (network licence redundancy)
    A back-up Network Licence Server allows a fault-tolerant document processing. This option is only available for customers who have a valid Software Maintenance Agreement.
  • WIBU-Systems dongle support
    New hardware protection for higher security and more flexibility. The WIBU-Systems dongles can store many licences, even licences from different vendors.
  • Classification
    Image and text-based document type detection (FRE API).
  • Business Card Recognition
    Single and multi-card processing, vCard export (FRE API).
  • Extended PDF Capabilities
    PDF/A2 & PDF/A-3 support, enhanced PDF processing (FRE API).
  • New and Improved OCR Technology
    New OCR and ICR languages, new barcode types, improved image pre-processing Development Improvements 64-bit support, asynchronous scanning, new Java Native Interface (JNI) support (FRE API).

More: What is new in FlexiCapture Engine 11

Code Samples

  • Once you have downloaded and installed FlexiCapture Engine 11 you can find and start all pre-compiled code samples here: Code Sample Library
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