ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine Logo Usage Guidelines

Logo description

Powered by ABBYY logo is designed to enable easy identification of the third-party solutions (software or hardware), that utilize ABBYY technology. These guidelines will help you use the Powered by ABBYY logo correctly on packaging, advertising, websites, and other marketing communications. You must follow these guidelines whenever the Powered by ABBYY logo is used.

The Powered by ABBYY logo consists of the words “Powered by ABBYY”, trademark symbol and the clear space surrounding the logo, as shown:

There are two accepted variants of the Powered by ABBYY logo — with and without border. The variant with border is preferred.

If this variant looks bad in the final layout, it is possible to use the logo without border (for example, to achieve cleaner, lighter look on exhibition booth walls).

Logo usage

Consistent usage of the Powered by ABBYY logo is greatly required. Please consider the following guidelines in all matters of communication

Logo Placement

Whenever and wherever possible, placement of the logo should remain constant — in the same place and size on similar documents. Electronic document, paper document or marketing material should contain Powered by ABBYY logo, preferably at the top and end of the document.

Minimum clear space

Always leave a clear space around the Powered by ABBYY logo to frame and set it off. The clear space above, below and next to the logo should be equal to half of the logo height (the distance between baseline and capline).

Do not put any distracting graphic elements (e.g., type or illustrations) in this area. When the logo overprints a full-bleed photograph, the photo should be cropped or positioned so that the area behind the logo is not visually busy or overactive and provides sufficient color contrast.

Minimum size

For proper readability and recognition, the Powered by ABBYY logo should never appear less than 20 mm (width) or 85 pixels.


The Powered by ABBYY logo is used on a white background. Solid color background is also possible, but less preferred. Do not use the logo on a photographic or other complex background.

Credit line

Always include the following credit line in legal notices when using the Powered by ABBYY logo:
ABBYY is a registered trademark of ABBYY Software Ltd.


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