FlexiCapture Standalone

What is FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture application and it provides

  • Efficient and accurate extraction of data from forms and documents
  • Data Verification
  • Data export to files, databases and business systems.

FlexiCapture Standalone comes with development tools for

  • Fix Form Templates
  • FlexiLayouts

How FlexiCapture Standalone and FlexiCapture Engine work together

  • Projects are developed and tested with FlexiCapture Standalone
  • Processing is done with the SDK - FlexiCapture Engine

What is new FlexiCapture

Feature Advantage
Multi-page document definitions Support of continuous tables, repeatable fields, more simple document definition for the entire document. This simplifies Document Definition and saves time.
Data oriented file export formats added, restricted set of full-text export formats related to archiving scenario Previously a customer has to implement data extraction by himself. New API presets ready-to-use and time-proved data export to a number of file formats. To support frequently used archiving scenario export to searchable PDF is retained.
Joint work on one project A batch is a single unit to work with and a project can contain as much batches as you want managing simultaneous access of several users to them.
Access to a document structure definition Access to fields even if they were not automatically located in the document. Thus they can be manually filled in.
Automated checking of recognized value consistency Recognized data is automatically checked whether it satisfies conditions described for it. This feature increases data capture control.
Data Capture-oriented API for both group and context verification API is specifically designed for Data Capture and gives you an ability to implement your own data verification GUI, especially using highly-effective group verification API.
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