ABBYY FlexiCapture Server

ABBYY is providing a unique technology platform for classification, forms processing and data data extraction, that is very attractive for developers, because it is available as

The core intelligence for both “processing flavors” is the same. It is based on ABBYY's FlexiLayout and fixed forms technology.
You as a developer can decide if a SDK/DLL integration or a ready to use WebAPI would fit your needs.

FlexiCapture Server - Overview

  • FlexiCapture Server offers intelligent document recognition and accurate data extraction from a full range of document types such as application forms, claim and order documents, invoices, or contracts.
  • Via its Web Services API* FlexiCapture Server can be connected to various external applications or workflows or integrated into any business application operating as an automatic document classification and data capture service.
  • FlexiCapture Server offers a large variety of customisation options for automatic document classification and separation, data extraction, indexing and allows the integration of external custom modules (e.g. recognition engines) for solving special capture tasks.

Key Functionality

  • Intelligent capture server to process any kind of documents in a single stream
  • Highly scalable server architecture to ensure high volume document processing
  • Integrated Web-Service API for SOAP access to the FlexiCapture Server
  • Auto learning and automatic classification simplify the creation of layouts and shorten the development time
  • High availability with Failover Cluster support and Load Balancing
  • Tight Integration of custom verification modules via API*

Further Info

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