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General Information

ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud delivers ABBYY’s advanced data capture platform capabilities via REST API and web interfaces. ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud customers can rapidly configure and deliver their Content IQ solution, taking advantage of our cloud services to automate and accelerate their document-driven processes. The advanced machine learning and AI in the platform improve classification and data extraction results, enabling core processes to support better, smarter, faster decisions.

FlexiCapture Cloud enables organizations to accelerate digital transformation by complementing their automation systems with new and advanced cognitive capabilities that liberate the intelligence locked in their documents.


Process documents in the cloud

An intuitive user interface allows users to process documents directly with the ABBYY cloud application.

  • Customer configures and controls processing settings via a FlexiCapture project.
  • Service runs in the cloud.
  • Documents come either from scanning/mobile app or from email.
  • Results delivery and data set synch either rely on standard ready-to-run connectors or are developed by a partner.

Deliver service through REST API

ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud supports a RESTful API enabling partners, integrators, ISVs and customers to easily consume production capture services as part of their applications and solutions.

  • FlexiCapture Cloud API allows users to consume capture services from existing cloud applications.
  • FlexiCapture Cloud learns from processing and improves results for all end customers.
  • REST API enables import, export, and data set synchronization.

Easy steps to get you started

*ABBYY supports multi-tenant configurations in which one client manages several tenants. Data walls exist between tenants so that data and roles are not visible or transferrable from one tenant to another.

Why is ABBYY your best choice to automate document processing?

FlexiCapture Cloud
Built with ABBYY Content IQ technology, ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud provides cognitive functionality for automatic classification, data extraction, learning, and verification.
ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud's REST API enables tight integration with your core business systems. REST API allows external systems to upload documents, train FlexiCapture by providing feedback about the quality of results, develop customized verification components, and get extraction results .
Real-time capture
Real-time capture is an option of FlexiCapture Cloud that enables calling applications to get immediate processing of documents with a direct response from the capture service eliminating process latency and improving the user experience.
Trusted environment
ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud service runs on Microsoft Azure, leveraging its security and data protection and giving you choices of geographic regions.
Leveraging advanced machine learning methodologies, FlexiCapture can be deployed very quickly and be improved over time through user interaction and training. This eliminates long delays and high setup costs.
Single solution for all document types
Documents arriving in diverse formats, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, e-mails, and scanned images, are accurately identified and processed in a single workflow.
Advanced classification
Leveraging, image, text and instruction based classification, documents can be classified by form and content, thus supporting your organization in optimizing information-driven processes.
Reporting and analytics tools
Visual representations of the overall throughput, performance and error rates in order to improve effectiveness and responsiveness of the application.
Service level agreement
ABBYY guarantees cloud service availability of 99%.
Enterprise ready
The cloud-based service enables more dynamic document processing and can scale up to meet high load levels without requiring additional expenditures on resources and equipment.

Why use FlexiCapture in the cloud?

Free trial

Try out our online document processing with no strings attached!

Quick start

Start automating your data entry process today. No reason to wait for hardware to be ordered, staged and configured. Our resources are standing by to assist you


No hardware or software to purchase, and no installation costs.

Simple maintenance

Infrastructure support is provided by ABBYY. ABBYY, your authorized ABBYY partner, or your certified FlexiCapture administrator can support your configuration need.


Resides as a service in the distributed Microsoft Azure cloud. Optimized for access from your location wherever you are.


Always up-to-date system configuration managed by ABBYY to improve its performance and features.

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