FineReader Engine for Embedded Systems

ABBYY FineReader Engine for Embedded OS is a highly portable small-footprint OCR SDK with low resource requirements designed to integrate document conversion technologies into the MFPs and other imaging devices.

ABBYY also offers comprehensive customization services to smoothly adjust functionality of the product to various vendors’ needs and embed additional features into their devices — such as new CPU type support, new image processing options, other document export formats, extended language support and many more.

  • Version 2.0 announced in September 2011

Why is the Embedded Engine not out of the box… ?

  • Embedded Projects use special hardware
    • Often no monitors or only small displays
    • Often no keyboard, only buttons or touch screen
    • Specialized image capture systems (e.g. Infra red Cameras, Barcode scanner)
  • An OCR Solution has to be tuned for the scenario it covers
    • Operating system used/required
    • CPU type used
    • Only special processing required – e.g. no full Document Analysis
    • Different speed & recognition quality required for different scenarios
    • Specialised output needed (e.g. Text only, XML, PDF/A…)
    • ABBYY must be involved in the device development process

Technical Specifications

ABBYY FineReader Engine for Embedded OS is compatible with many hardware and operating systems.

CPU types support

  • x86 (including Atom)
  • ARM
  • PowerPC
  • and others

Operating systems support

  • Windows for x86 processors
  • Windows CE
  • Linux
  • VxWorks
  • FreeBSD
  • LynxOS
  • and others

Development Platform

  • C/C++

Storage Memory Requirements (RAM/ROM)

  • 2-2.5 MB for library (depending on the specific library version);
  • 0.5-1 MB for dictionaries of each supported recognition language.
    The library can be stored either in ROM or in RAM depending on the specific device.

Runtime Memory Requirements (RAM)

  • 2-2.5 MB for library (copied from the storage memory);
  • 0.5-1 MB for dictionaries of each used recognition language;
  • 1-10 MB or more for program operation (depending on image size, colority and quality: 1-5 MB for small photo pictures, about 10 MB for A4 sized business letter)

How to continue when I have a project in mind?

  • Because of the nature of embedded projects the requirements are often different. Here are the suggested steps to continue:
    1. Have a look at the list of questions for an Embedded Project
    2. Collect your answers to the questions
    3. Contact ABBYY Europe to see how we can support you.
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