Embedded Projects with ABBYY OCR

  • Before ABBYY can provide you recommendations and guidelines, ABBYY has to get a general description about the project, including the planed technical specifications.
  • Sample Images - please collect a relevant selection of sample images that should be processed. These images should cover a real life quality range.

Needed Embedded OCR Project Information

If the standard OCR SDKs seem not be suited, please provide answers to the listed questions below.

Business Scenario Information

  • Have you ever realised an OCR project?
  • What types of images be processed? (format, resolution)
  • Where do the images come from?
  • What kind of information/text should be OCRed?
  • What Export formats are required? (text only, XML with coordinates, searchable PDF, other?)
  • What is the business model of the solution/device that should use embedded OCR?
  • What are the quantities the solution/devices should be sold?
  • How big is the overall project / the share planed for OCR?

Technical Project Information

  • General
    • Speed: What is needed/acceptable? - How much time is available for processing?
    • Quality: What is needed/acceptable?
    • Languages: What OCR languages have to be supported?
  • Operating System
    • Linux - Windows (embedded)
    • Other?
    • None?
  • Memory
    • RAM available for OCR processing
    • Available storage space
      • for distribution (ROM)
      • Binaries
      • Dictionaries
      • for temporary files
  • CPUs used
    • Exact model and reference (URL) to specifications, at least the following data:
      • Architecture (little or big endian)
      • Clock frequency
      • Available operating memory
  • Functionality/API
  • Input images
    • Type/Compression
    • Colority
    • Resolution
    • Size, in bytes and pixels
  • Image preprocessing
    • De-skewing
    • Orientation detection
    • De-speckling
    • Restoring perspective
  • Recognition
    • OCR/ICR
    • Languages
    • Barcodes - what types
    • Checkmarks
    • Document structure
    • Dictionaries
      • Built-in
      • Custom
  • Output
    • Character/word information
    • File formats

Realization Information

  • What is the time line for the project?
  • What technical support terms are required?
  • Are there any certification requirements?
  • What kind of documentation is needed?

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