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Cloud OCR SDK - moved to FineReader Technology Version 12 (7 August 2019)

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New Features and Improvements

The ABBYY OCR service was moved to the technology version of FineReader Engine 12 Release 3, bringing following new features and improvements:

  • Tables and layout reconstruction
    Improved table detection and analysis together with enhanced layout reconstruction allows reconstructing tables exactly like in the original document. This simplifies work with the final document that can be easily reused.
  • Detection and recreation of balanced text columns
    Balanced columns - text columns with the same length - are detected and precisely recreated during the export step.
  • Recreation of dashed separators in tables during export to DOCX
    Table borders that are represented as dashed separators will be detected and reconstructed the same way in the output document - not as simple grid lines.
  • Recreation of cell border color during export to XLSX
    When processing documents with tables, FineReader Engine 12 detects the line color of cell borders, preserves the information and recreates the line color during the export step to XLSX format.
  • Improved layout retention on TXT export
    New export mode which simulates the original layout by inserting spaces and has the following features:
    • emulation of the paragraph indentation and central alignment with spaces.
    • emulation of spaces between paragraphs with empty lines.
    • special processing of frames and footnotes.
    • translation of characters in upper and lower cases into special Unicode characters.
  • New OCR languages:
    • Georgian OCR: The Georgian language was added as a new OCR language
    • OCR for Simple Mathematical Formulas: ABBYY FineReader Engine now allows extracting characters of simple mathematical formulas. With the new OCR language Simple Mathematical Formulas it is possible to process scientific documents containing simple single-line mathematical formulas inside the text.
  • Enhanced OCR languages - with the support of Artificial Intelligence algorithms:
  • The newly trained Convolutional Neural Network for recognition of Asian languages provides following improvements:
    • Significantly faster recognition of Korean
    • Faster recognition of Chinese
    • Increased speed & accuracy in recognition of Japanese (Modern)
  • New API for JSON
    • New API in Technology Preview mode
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