What is the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK?

  • The “ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK” is an online OCR service for integration into own applications. The OCR service is developed and run by ABBYY, using the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.
    • Available recognition options:
      • Image / PDF conversion
      • Full-text/full-page OCR
      • Field-level/Zonal OCR/ICR
      • Barcode recognition
      • Business card recognition
      • Recognition of Machine Readable Zones in ID documents
      • Recognition of receipts
    • Usage: online integration via http(s)
      No user interface for endusers
    • Processing can be controlled via RESTful API -
    • The recognition service can easily be integrated in own applications and services
    • Detailed infos about the status of the service
    • No cost for development license → Free development account Sign up here >

The ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service was updated to the core technology of ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 Release 3 on August 7, 2019.

For whom is this "Online SDK" in the Cloud the right solution?

This SDK can be used by:

  • Software Developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
  • App Developers for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android etc.)
  • Companies with a SaaS strategy for their business solutions
  • Companies running their applications and services in the cloud with a need for OCR and PDF conversion

Cloud OCR SDK - General Questions and Answers

  • How to start development?
  • What is the technical base of the online SDK?
  • Where can I find the developer agreement?
  • Where can I find the AppID?
  • How to get technical support?

Frequently asked Questions about ABBYY's Cloud OCR Service...

Cloud OCR SDK - Pricing

Cloud-based OCR service for developers: What are the costs?

  • Page volume packages up to 100.000 pages can be purchased online directly website
    • The minimal amount is 9.99 $
  • The service will count processed pages or fields and subtract them from pre-payed page volume pack.
    • If the same page is re-ocred with different setting, this will be free

How does the "online OCR service for external applications" work?

  • First, developers register and create their account
  • The registration is free of charge.
  • With the registration, the developer can integrate the service into his application and test the results with the test images as well as with up to 50 own images
  • Re-OCR of the same image with different settings is free of charge.
  • No up-front investment for the SDK
  • For usage of the service, payment is based on the number of processed pages
  • When processing higher document volumes, the cloud-based service automatically scales up, automatically providing the necessary CPU power fro the processing steps.
    You don't have to care or worry about upfront IT investments.

Your Business with OCR as a Service

  • Using OCR via a cloud service opens a variety of new scenarios where OCR can be used to extract/convert paper-based information - without adding a full OCR Engine to your application.

Comparisons: ABBYY Cloud OCR & Alternatives

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