What is the ABBYY Online/Cloud OCR SDK?

  • The “Cloud OCR SDK” is a online OCR service developed and run by ABBYY:
    • Available recognition options:
      • Full-text/full-page OCR
      • Field-level/Zonal OCR/ICR
      • Barcode recognition
      • Business Card recognition
    • Usage: online via http(s)
      no user interface
    • Processing can be controlled via RESTful API -
    • The recognition service can easily be integrated in own applications and services
    • Detailed infos about the status of the service
    • Free development account just sign up!

Who is the target audience for the "Online" SDK in the Cloud?

  • Software Developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
  • App Developers for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android etc.)
  • Companies with a SaaS strategy for their business solutions
  • Companies running their applications and services in the cloud with a need for OCR and PDF conversion

Cloud OCR - General Questions and Answers

  • How to start development?
  • What is the technical base of the online SDK?
  • Where can I find the developer agreement?
  • Where can I find the AppID?
  • How to get technical support?

Frequently asked Questions about ABBYY's Cloud OCR Service...

Cloud OCR Pricing

What are the costs for the online SDK?

  • Page volumes up to 100.000 pages can be purchased online directly website
    • The minimal pre-payment amount is 9.99 $
  • The service will count volumes and charge for each processed page or recognized area/field.
    • If the same page is re-ocred with different setting, this will be free

What is the business model of the "online OCR service"

  • Developers have to register and create their account
  • The registration is free of charge and you will give access to a test set of images
    • the API / integration can be made with the test set
    • 50 “own” images can also be uploaded and processed for free
    • Re-OCR of the same image but with different settings is free of charge.
  • No up-front investment in an OCR SDK
  • Pay-as-you-go for development & usage
  • The cloud-based service automatically is scaling up and down - so you will always have the processing power you need.
    You don't have to care or worry about upfront IT investments.

Your Business with OCR as a Service

  • Using OCR via a cloud service opens a variety of new scenario where OCR can be used to extract/convert paper-based information - without adding a full OCR Engine to your application.

Comparisons: ABBYY Cloud OCR & Alternatives