Cloud OCR SDK - FAQs

How to start development?

  1. Create your personal developer account for free
  2. Register an application
  3. Start testing here:

What is the technical base of the online SDK?

  • The Online OCR SDK is based on FineReader Engine 11 (Win)
  • The Engine can be accessed through a special API using RESTful web-service calls
  • Since the Online OCR SDK service is built on Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure, stability and scalability will not be an issue.
    Important Note: During the beta test, the system is not scaled up and running with the final speed

Where can I find the developer agreement?

  • When you register your developer account, the Developer Agreement is displayed and has to be accepted.
  • The latest version can be found here:

Where can I find the AppID?

  • During registration of your developer account you specified an AppID - read more...

How to get technical support?

  • ABBYY customers that have a contract based subscription can contact ABBYY Technical support directly. They do not have to post their questions publicly online ;-) - but if they are of general/public interest, you, of course, can start a new discussion in the forum

Where is my data processed?

ABBYY uses Microsoft Azure Data Centers in Europe. So your data will be processed in

  • Ireland - Dublin
  • The Netherlands - Amsterdam

How long will ABBYY store any data?

  • ABBYY OCR SDK will automatically schedule any uploaded image for deletion once any of the following conditions is met:
    • forty-two (42) hours after an image has been uploaded to the Service;
    • twenty-four (24) hours after an image has been processed by the Service.
      Images scheduled for deletion will be deleted within six (6) hours.
  • If the deleteTask Method is called, then the data is deleted from the system right away.
  • ABBYY will not store your data when the original files were deleted
  • If the company has a subscription contract with ABBYY EU, this agreement also forces the developer to delete within 24 hours after the job was processed. The data deletion is also written in the addendum for Commissioned Data Processing (“Auftragsdatenverarbeitung”) that can be an addendum to the contract.
  • ABBYY has no interest in storing the data for a long time - we are not a Dropbox™-like service ;-)

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