Comparison using Cloud OCR SDK vs. developing a Cloud solution with OCR

  • The following table compares two alternatives in using OCR in the Cloud:
    • using an Cloud OCR service with API online
    • integrating core OCR technologies in a custom cloud solution.
Cloud OCR SDK usage Development of a custom Cloud OCR service
Target Audience Individual developers
small medium ISVs
Cloud projects with the need for OCR
Medium and large companies,
providing own services or applications in the Cloud
Supported Platforms Almost any OS,
including Mobile
Windows Azure, Amazon EC2,
Windows Server or Linux
Development REST-API/Web-Service Low level coding with
development tools that allow to integrate the SDK API
IT Management None
ABBYY runs & manages the service
Development of a cloud application
Licensing No licensing,
subscription to the service
Open Licensing with reporting
Contracts adjusted to the business model of the service
Processing Volume small to high quantities medium to high
Payment starting from 10 €,
pay as you go,
subscription fee & invoiced additional volume
To be negotiated
Complexity simple complex


  • The Online OCR SDK is simple to use and straight forward to integrate.
    • a perfect solution to extend existing applications and cloud services with OCR and document conversion
  • ABBYY is also able to license the core recognition technology (SDKs), this allows companies to implement core recognition and data capture technologies in own cloud services.
    • a perfect solution when low level access and granular processing control is needed
  • In both use-cases developers can rely on the high-quality of ABBYY products and technologies

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