Cloud OCR Business & Pricing

  • ABBYY's new online OCR Service is running on Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure.
  • The service and the back end can serve any volumes of pages, coming from different sources
    • Mobile devices
    • Desktop and Server machines, no matter if they run Windows, Linux, Mac OS, BSD or Unix
  • The ABBYY OCR service is designed to offer a simple “pay as you go” model so that you are only charged by the volume that is processed.

Development / Trial Licensing

  • You can register for a free developer account online at the ABBYY Cloud OCR Site
    • There you will also find Code Samples and test images you can use for free
    • You can use up to 50 own images for development - you can re-process them without reducing the page counter
    • Support will be provided via the ABBYY Developer forum.

Small Volume Licensing

  • The service will count processed document pages or recognized area/field.
    • The page volume is valid for a certain amount of time - like pre-paid minutes on a phone.

Production Volume Pricing - Pre-Paid

  • The latest prices can be found here:
  • These page packs can easily be purchased online
  • All volumes are valid for 90 days before they expire;
    The expiration date will be extended, when another page pack is purchased.

Production Volume Pricing - Subscription

If you would like to integrate ABBYY's Online OCR service as an essential part of your applications, business processes or service offerings, then it is likely that

  • the needed page/document volume is hard to calculate
    and that
  • the usage peaks/volume distribution is unknown.

ABBYY can offer different subscription models, where a monthly/quarterly/yearly subscription fee provides access to the OCR service, without running into an “end of pre-paid volume” situation.

Online Subscription

Customized, contract based Subscription

  • The subscription includes a certain amount of images/documents within a agreed renewable period
  • Subscription period minimum 12+ months
  • Payment for subscription with contacts with an invoice is possible
  • Minimum volume: 100,000 pages per month

If this special offer fits your needs, please contact ABBYY - otherwise just visit and start testing!