Product Archive

ABBYY develops OCR and Linguistic Technologies for more than 20 years. During this time hardware, operating systems, IT landscape user needs and integration scenarios are continuously changing. This affects also the offered technology stack and the products that are based on them. Summary:

  • most of the ABBYY product lines are developed, extended and released as new major versions on an ongoing base :-)
    but …
  • some products had to be retired :-(

Important Note: Almost all features and technologies are still available, but the packaging/product has changed.

Discontinued Products

Morphological and Lexical Analyzer SDK

  • SDK for morphological analysis including stemming, normalization, grammatical description of a word, spelling suggestions

FineReader 7.0 Scripting Edition

  • ABBYY provided a special version of the famous FineReader desktop application with a Scripting API.

Old Mobile SDKs

ABBYY is continuously working with potential partners to support new operating systems and platforms. The list of the old platforms that were supported by Mobile OCR Engine gives a good overview of what happened since the early days of smartphones and mobile operating systems.

  • Mobile OCR Engine for Symbian
  • Mobile OCR Engine for Windows Mobile
  • Mobile OCR Engine for Linux/MeeGo
  • Mobile OCR Engine for Bada
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