ABBYY Morphological and Lexical Analyzer

ABBYY Morphological and Lexical Analyzer is an SDK which allows to integrate linguistic morphologic technologies into document and content management applications, e-commerce shop search engines or library search systems. Enriching search and classification applications with knowledge about the structure, lexical and grammatical characteristics of the words in the analyzed text can help improve their performance significantly.

  • Support ECM systems, DM or e-mail management applications in processing multilingual documents.
    ABBYY Morphological and Lexical Analyzer can define all languages used in a document, thus allowing to process the document to the correct member of the project team for further management.

  • Improve Enterprise Search or Content Management Systems with linguistic knowledge.
    ABBYY Morphological and Lexical Analyzer can restore all possible grammatical forms of a word, and, as a consequence, find a concept disregarding the grammatical form it is used in within a document. Content search results can thus be improved significantly.

  • Help solve text analysis challenges in rare languages.
    ABBYY Morphological and Lexical Analyzer is available in 39 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Turkish.

Further Information

End of Life Statement

  • The official availability of ABBYY Morphological and Lexical Analyzer ended in December 2014.
  • ABBY stopped the distribution of trials, new development and deployment licenses.
  • ABBYY will not make any changes or provide technical support to make this SDK.
  • ABBYY still could license the technology on a project base, if the feature set would be relevant for your project, please get in direct contact with ABBYY

Current Linguistic Technology

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