ABBYY SDK News Archive 2013

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  • FineReader Engine 11 Linux Release 1 Update (17.12.2013)
    • 32 + 64-bit with Java-wrapper available
  • New Version! FineReader Engine 11 available for Windows - Linux - Mac (24.10.2013)
    • Top Features
      • Automatic Document Classification
      • Business Card Recognition
      • Extended PDF Features
      • New and Improved OCR Technology
      • 64-Bit Support
    • Available on Windows, Linux and OS X at the same time

  • Sagemcom integrates ABBYY Cloud OCR to power document scanning and conversion for Demat’Box® scanner (24.9.2013)
    • New solution makes it easy to scan and convert documents without a computer - setup,conversion and routing is cloud based.
    • ”We are pleased that Sagemcom has chosen ABBYY to power their solution,” states Jupp Stoepetie, CEO of ABBYY Europe. “They have taken an innovative approach by linking their Demat’Box® cloud backend with our own OCR service to create a seamless user experience. We are proud to say that our cloud service is supporting the backend system of one of Europe’s most important hardware manufacturers.”
    • More about: Cloud OCR SDKDemat’Box
    • Press Release: EnglishDeutschFrench
  • ABBYY Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Nuance (27.08.2013)
    • The litigation, initially filed against ABBYY and Lexmark by Nuance in February 2008, centered on alleged patent infringement of optical character recognition (OCR) technologies and trade dress by ABBYY.
    • LeighAnn Weiland, Vice President and General Counsel at ABBYY USA: “We believe that this win further validates our leadership position in the OCR and data capture market.”
    • Further details in the Press Release on
    • … we think that is good news for all of our customers as well, it proofs that ABBYY is a reliable partner, not only on the technology side of the business =)
  • ABBYY publishes new X.5 releases of the latest OCR SDKs (22.07.2013)
    The naming of the releases was changed to .5, but the APIs and licensing/protection has not been changed. All existing .x licenses will work. From now fixes, and updates will be provided only for the .5 releases. A detailed change log can be found on the download pages for each SDK. The new releases are available for all ABBYY customer with a valid maintenance agreement.
    The following tool-kits were updated:
    • FineReader Engine 10.5 Win , Linux
    • FineReader Engine 9.5 Win, Linux
    • FineReader Engine 8.5 Win, Linux, Mac
      Note: The end of life policy for this version has not changed, version 8.x is already out of support and sales.
      ABBYY will not make any adjustments for the latest Microsoft operating systems.
    • FlexiCapture Engine 10.5 Win (26.7.13)
    • FlexiCapture Engine 8.5 Win

  • New Case Study: ABBYY Cloud Solution Helps Aetopia Modernise Directories for the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (8.5.2013)
    • “We looked at ABBYY based on their reputation for the highest quality OCR.
      Their Cloud OCR has been a consistent win for us.” – Aidan McGrath, CEO of Aetopia
    • Read the full Case Study: cs_aetopia_proni_cloudocr_sdk_e.pdf

  • Cloud OCR SDK API Enhancements (12.3.2013)
    • Multi-Document Export added, now up to 3 formats for free!
    • New API to process Machine Readable Zones of passports
    • New Features and Improvements
      • Support for Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Server 2012
      • New method ClassifyNextPage
      • New method IImageProcessingTools::DetectEmpty
      • Modification in Auto-Learning Technology Demo
      • New CodeSnippet: Single click field text extraction
      • Technology compatible with FlexiCapture 10 Release 5

  • CeBIT will be held from 05.03. to 09.03.2013 in Hannover, Germany (06.02.2013)
    • You will find the ABBYY booth in Hall 3, Stand 16 F.
    • Get your personal updated on solutions from ABBYY partners, our SDKs & OCR in the Cloud
  • Visit ABBYY Europe at the European SharePoint conference in Copenhagen (14.01.2013)
  • FineReader Engine 11 Beta 4 available (7.01.2013)
  • FineReader Engine 10 (Win) Release 7 available (3.01.2013)
    New Features & Changes in this maintenance release:
    • Editable context menu of Visual Components
    • Updated export to ALTO format
    • Runtime de-installer
    • Hot keys can be specified for custom commands in Visual Components
    • Fixes
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