ABBYY SDK News Archive 2012

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  • Mobile OCR Engine 4.0 Release 11 available for Android, iOS and Windows (21.12.12)
    • New Features:
      • Native JPEG and PNG image loading is added
      • iOS 6 is supported
  • ABBYY releases a new toolkit: Mobile Imaging SDK (6.12.2012)
    • Designed to enhance the visual image quality on mobile device before submitting them to a back end system
    • Allows to analyze the image and to detect if the quality is good enough for OCR
  • ABBYY publishes an updated distributive of FineReader Engine 10 Release with fixes. (3.12.2012)
    The new distributive does not contain any new features, it is available for all Developers with a valid maintenance contract. Read more

    • New, enhanced Document Classification - using raster and/or content classification
    • Automatic Learning Technology - new API and code sample
    • New Image Pre-processing
    • Enhanced Java Support
    • Based on the same core technology as FineReader Engine 10
    • New Code Samples
    • Adjusted Licensing
      • Volumes are now calculated per year
      • Network licenses for flexible scalability
      • FineReader Engine 10 API included 1)
  • Visit ABBYY Europe at in Stuttgart, Germany
    • Get the latest update on ABBYYs SDKs and solutions!
    • You will find at the ABBYY section of the windream booth in Hall 5, B 11
      … is (of course) using ABBYY products and technology ;-)
  • Mobile OCR Engine 4.0 Release 10 available for Android, iOS,
    Mobile OCR Engine 4.0 MacOS and Windows
    • New Features:
      • Fully tested on iOS 6
      • Business card recognition is improvements
      • Some new text processing features

    • Available for 39 languages
    • Advanced lemmatization and stemming, allowing to identify relevant terms disregarding grammatical diversities
    • Language detection on word or document level
    • … and other features
  • Mobile OCR Engine 4.0 Release 9 available for Android, iOS & Windows (19.4.12)
    New Features:
    • New Android wrapper is implemented
    • Android and iOS wrappers interfaces are unified
    • User languages support is added into Android and iOS wrappers
  • Thank you for visiting ABBYY @ CeBIT
  • ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK - Public Beta (27.2.12)
    • ABBYY is offering a new online service with API running on Microsoft Azure
    • The new service is now available a a public beta to all interested developers
1) included in the new licensing model from ABBYY Europe; it is still an add-on in other ABBYY sales territories.
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