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FlexiCapture Engine, FineReader Engine
9.x, 10, 11
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ABBYY's general Support and Maintenance policy states that

ABBYY Europe Tech Support Details

The following is a excerpt from the technology licensing contracts Chapter 8 Technical Support

  • Error means a defect in the ABBYY SDK which leads to an abnormal termination of the ABBYY SDK execution (i.e. “Access Violation”, “General protected fault”, “Division by zero”, etc.).
  • 8.2. Technical Support is the service rendered by ABBYY to Licensee regarding possible Errors as well as for solving any problems with installation and/or activation of the ABBYY SDK.
  • 8.3. Technical Support will be provided free of charge to Licensee’s engineers during a period of thirty (30) days starting from the date of the purchase of the Development License by Licensee. Licensee’s engineers may contact ABBYY during normal office hours by e-mail. Technical Support will be available in English.
  • 8.4. After the initial period of 30 days Licensee may receive additional technical support in case Appendix E to this License Agreement has been signed.
  • 8.5. ABBYY provides the Licensee with Software Maintenance for Licenses according to the conditions stated in Appendix E to this License Agreement.
  • 8.6. ABBYY offers Professional Consulting Services which the Licensee may contract on an hourly basis. Such services are not included as part of this Agreement.
  • 8.7. ABBYY agrees to make commercially reasonable efforts to take appropriate corrective actions in response to any Error report it may receive, provided Licensee provides sufficient information in order for ABBYY to repeat the Error.
  • 8.8. Technical Support will not be provided to Licensee’s engineers in any case where the ABBYY SDK is used on a computer of which the characteristics of the PC are not suitable for usage of the ABBYY SDK in accordance with its documentation.
  • 8.9.Licensee agrees to provide End Users with technical support for the Application. ABBYY will not provide any technical support to End Users.
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