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What processors does ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine support?

ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine supports

Does ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine support Linux?

ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine 3.0 distribution does include library for Linux platform. However, the Linux version is a copy of Android version. We should draw your attention that this version was built on the Android platform and we cannot guarantee that it can be successfully built to each of Linux version platform. Practically we didn’t have any problems with this version; and we are ready to adapt code if this will be needed for the particular customer.

Can I use ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine from Java?

ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine consists of native C libraries. So, if you are looking for a Java OCR technology, ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine is not suitable. Another question would be whether it is possible to call ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine from Java system/application. The common answer should be “Yes”. For example, the communication could be implemented over Sockets or using a JNI-wrapper. Unfortunately, so far we don’t have a sample demonstrating how MOCR library can be used from Java.

Does ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine support iPhone?

Yes, ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine 3.0/4.0 include libraries for iPhone device and iPhone simulator. The distribution also includes a ready sample for iPhone simulator which can be run on Mac OS. In order to run the sample you should have XCode and iPhone SDK installed on your computer.

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