Invalid ABBYY SDK serial number for developer installation

FlexiCapture Engine, FineReader Engine
9.x, 10, 11
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  • What should I do if the “Invalid serial number for developer installation” error message appears during installation process?


The message appears if you try to install FREngine with the Runtime license by clicking setup.exe or ABBYY FineReader Engine X.msi.

ABBYY FineReader Engine and ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine have two types of licenses:

  • Developer License is used during development. You cannot distribute your program with this license.
  • Runtime License is used in copies of a finished application that are distributed to end users. This type of license does not permit the compilation of code that uses FREngine.

There are two installation types, one for each type of license:

  • Developer installation is performed by double-clicking setup.exe or ABBYY FineReader Engine X.msi.
  • Runtime installation is performed by entering a command-line command with specific options or by carrying out file operations manually. The details can be found in the Developer's Help → Distribution → Installing the Library.


  • If you want to perform the Runtime installation, follow the instructions in Developer's Help → Distribution → Installing the Library.
  • If you want to perform the Developer installation, use the serial number of the Developer License instead of the Runtime one.

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