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This sample shows the main steps you need to perform to construct a user interface of a data capture application from ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine Visual Components. This sample uses FlexiCapture Processor for documents processing.


The sample recognizes a document using FlexiCapture Processor and displays recognized document in the DocumentView component. The sample also shows how to start data verification in the VerificationView component. Do the following:

  1. Add DocumentView component to the form of your application.
  2. Load ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine. You can create the Engine object using the InprocLoader object. See other possible ways in Different Ways to Load the Engine Object.
  3. In order to initialize DocumentView, use the Engine property of the DocumentView component.
  4. Recognize a document using FlexiCapture Processor. You can use the same procedure as described in the Hello sample.
  5. Use the Document property of the DocumentView component to connect recognized document.
  6. Start verification using the StartVerification method of the VerificationView component.
  7. Clean all resources used during verification using the EndVerification method of the VerificationView component.
  8. Unload all components and the Engine object.

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