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FineReader Engine FlexiCapture Engine

  • ABBYY ships code samples with all the SDKs
  • The code samples are installed with the SDK documentation
  • Developers can evaluate/modify/compile the source
  • In FineReader Engine 9.0/10/11/12 the samples on Windows are partly pre-compiled so that you can start and test them right away
  • ABBYY provides SDK Trial with the full feature set.
    Sorry to say that there is no instant FineReader Engine SDK download, every request will be qualified before the test-license number and the download-login will be provided - More about trials...
Image PageCategoryPlatform
image: icon_batchprocessingrecognition.gifBatch OCR Processing Sample FineReader Engine 10/11Recognition, OCR: Speed & QualityWindows
image: icon_bcr.gifBusiness Card Recognition (Linux)RecognitionLinux
image: icon_bcr.gifBusiness Card Recognition, Sample (Win)RecognitionWindows
image: icon_cameraocr.gifCamera OCR Code-SampleImagingWindows
image: icon_scriptautomation.gifCommand Line Interface (Linux)Integration, RecognitionLinux
image: icon_scriptautomation.gifCommandLineInterface OCR SampleIntegration, OCR: Speed & QualityWindows
image: icon_batchprocessing.gifConvert a batch of documents (Linux)Recognition, OCR: Speed & QualityLinux
image: icon_simplerec.gifConvert a document (Linux)Recognition, ExportLinux
image: icon_classification.gifDocument Classification Engine 11 (Code Sample)Document ClassificationWindows
image: icon_userinterface.gifEventsHandling (Linux)IntegrationLinux
image: icon_script.gifFineReader Engine OCR & Scripting LanguagesIntegration, Languages & OCRWindows
image: icon_batchprocessingrecognition.gifFineReader Engines Pool - Multithreading SampleRecognition, OCR: Speed & QualityWindows
image: icon_imagepreprocessing.gifImage Preprocessing for OCRImagingWindows
image: icon_java.gifJava Wrapper for FineReader EngineIntegrationWindows
image: icon_scriptautomation.gifLinux OCR Daemon with Engine 9.0Integration, RecognitionLinux
image: icon_pdfexportprofiles.gifMixed Raster Content (MRC) PDF CompressionAdvanced PDF Processing, ExportWindows
image: icon_multiprocessingrecognition.gifMulti-Core OCR Processing SampleRecognition, OCR: Speed & QualityWindows
image: icon_pdfexportprofiles.gifPDF Export Profile SampleAdvanced PDF Processing, Export, OCR: Speed & QualityWindows
image: icon_frenginepredefinedprofiles.gifPredefined OCR Processing Profiles Sample (FRE)Recognition, OCR: Speed & QualityWindows
image: icon_Scanning.gifScanning with FineReader Engine - SampleImport & ScanningWindows
image: icon_userpatterntrainingutility.gifUser Pattern Training UtilityRecognition, OCR: Speed & QualityWindows
image: icon_userinterface.gifVisual Components Sample FineReader Engine 11OCR: Speed & Quality, Verification & User InteractionWindows
image: icon_bcr.gif示例:FineReader Engine 11 (Win) 名片识别RecognitionWindows
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